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Welcome to the kennel vom Wölfle.

Our breed is in beautiful Hungary.
We are an emigrant family from Germany and have settled in Hungary in 2015.
We were finally able to fulfill our love for the American Staffordshire Terriers.
In order to maintain and improve these great breeds, we decided to breed these dogs.
Our breeding goal is health, to breed type-strong dogs.
Before our dogs go into the breed they have to pass the character test.
Our dogs are tested for all hereditary diseases and examined.

HD, ED, Ataxie und DNA getestet.

In 2018 we registered our kennel with the FCI.

Our dogs live with us in the house and are well socialized.
Also, the puppies are raised in the house to get to know all everyday habits.
At delivery, our puppies are socialized, know the 1 x 1 puppy school and will also get to know driving a car.

Our puppy will not be cropped
With 15 weeks our puppies are allowed to travel outside of Hungary
No import to Germany
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